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Krakow's Churches
Saint Catherine's Church
360 Degree Panoramic Photo of Saint Catherine's Church
- To move inside the image, HOLD DOWN your left mouse button
and point the hand icon in the direction you wish to move

St. Catherine's Church was founded by Kasimirus III The Great before 1363 for the Augustinian order. The original plans were changed for unknown reasons, and the church is almost 13 m shorter than originally planned, also the facade has never been completed nor the two towers erected.

St. Catherine's church has not very fortunate history, the flood of 1534 caused great devastation to the building, as well as the fire of 1556 when the ceiling collapsed. The church was damaged twice, in 1443 and in 1786 by earthquakes.

As a reason of that in 1796 the Austrian authorities ordered the church to be closed down. The Augustinians retrieved the church eighteen years later but the town authorities decided to demolish it, because of appaling physical condition. Fortunately, this never happened, and the church restoration was conducted from middle XIX century to World War I. Now it's one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Poland.

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