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Krakow's Churches
Corpus Christi Church

Corpus Christi Church was founded by Kasimirus III The Great about 1340. The front elevation has a gothic gable whilst decoration of the interior is baroque with a marvelous very high altar ( 17th.century), massive, beautiful stalls in the chancel (17th. century) and an 18th.century boat- shaped pulpit.

In the early 17th century, Canons Regular of Saint Augustine added the 73-metre- tall tower with manneristic copula, three church porches on the northen, southern and western sides, topped by copulas with lanterns, the mentioned canon's stalle and the main altar.
The top of the gorgeous western facade, finished in 1477, is topped by pinnacles and ornamented by reliefs of Christ, Saint Mary, Saint John and the two emblems of Poland and Lithuania.

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